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Parag International is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System of the organisation by effective implementation and thereby,

• Ensuring customer satisfaction by providing Yarn, Blankets and allied products as per their requirement
• Ensuring timely and prompt deliveries.
• Ensuring value for money for customers by providing onsite support for efficacy of their processes.
• Ensuring and achieving optimium production efficiency.
• Meeting all regulatory requirements.
Every process of our manufacturing activity is being done as per ISO standards. Quality control measures are adopted at various levels to ensure that our products conform to international quality standards.

Lab testing starts right from the fibre stage where the length, composition and microns of the fibre are tested before blending and moving on to the carding stage. At various points in the carding process the slivers are tested for evenness of the count before proceeding to ring spinning.

Throughout the process of spinning, several bobbins are randomly chosen for testing the count of the yarn, evenness, twist, strength and composition.

A fully-equipped laboratory certifies each and every batch of yarn before it is dispatched for Weaving.

After weaving the grey woven fabric is then inspected for any defects which are immediately mended before proceeding to raising.

After raising and finishing each and every piece is then individually checked to verify the quality.

To ensure that only ‘zero defect’ products leave the plant, a team of highly experienced technical staff oversee the carding, spinning, weaving and finishing processes.

Innovation is the buzz word with the product development team. New products are constantly being evolved and market-specific solutions sought.